A little
in a corner
of heaven

The project

CuboEden is an original refreshment area, created and patented by ItalMesh.
A comfortable wooden seat contained within a cubic structure, created with the highest quality, sustainable and 100% Made in Italy materials.
CuboEden is externally covered with micro-perforated aluminum sheet and internally with Zero Gravity Eden panels, able to create a lush green wall, in front of the spectator's seat.
A small shady oasis, where you can rest, surrounded by lush nature.



Internal facade covered with Zero Gravity Eden panels, signed by ItalMesh, which allow the creation of a lush green wall


External cover in ItalMesh’s micro-perforated mesh, with customizable pattern and backlight


Comfortable internal wooden seat


Sockets for charging mobile devices

Beautiful by day
and in the evening

The inclination of the cubic structure guarantees protection from the sun's rays in the hottest hours, and suggestive changes of natural internal lighting during the day. In the evening, moreover, CuboEden becomes a real lantern on an urban scale, with a refined and unmistakable design, thanks to the fascinating play of light created by the micro-perforated aluminum backlit panels.

The concept

The project takes inspiration from the ideal garden of Eden, an almost unreal place where you can stop and rest in the shade, immersed in a wonderful green space.
Imagining the visitor as a traveler in search of relaxation, CuboEden is proposed as a space where you can lie under a green wall, recharge your mobile device and in the meantime be in touch with other people, from all over the world. The aim of the proposal is to provide an innovative place to stop and socialize, from which you can then get up revitalized.

The shape

The proposal starts from a simple shape: a cube, rotated 35° to create, on one side, a seat, on the other, an inclined wall that seems to almost fall on the visitor, creating a sensation never seen before.
You can lean on the seat, pausing to observe the plants that cover the opposite wall, enjoying a suggestive moment of relaxation. The experience offered to the visitor weakens ordinary certainties, showing nature from a totally unusual point of view.


CuboEden is an ItalMesh’ project in collaboration with three young architect:
- Matteo Bellini
- Riccardo Carnaghi
- Simone Gerosa

Expo 2020

CuboEden will be used during the next edition of Expo.
The universal exposure, scheduled in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) from the 20th of October 2020 to the 10th of April 2021, has been postponed, due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The Bureau International des Expositions (BIE), the intergovernmental body that oversees the organization of universal exhibitions, has decided that it will always take place in Dubai, but a year later: from the 1st of October2021 to the 31st of March 2022.

Press review

Eco di Bergamo

Eden, il cubo green per Expo Dubai ideato a Bergamo


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